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New Deck for Newlyweds

DSR was excited for the opportunity to build a deck for two newlyweds this past summer. We had to demolish the existing deck and excavate roughly 60 yards of dirt to stabilize the site! The deck that we build was actually a combination of two decks in one which were also two different types of decks; a freestanding deck and an attached deck. The larger deck was the freestanding deck and the stair landing was an attached deck. A little note, the reason that the ledger board could be attached to the brick was because the house is so old that the wall is a structural double wythe wall and therefore could be drilled into and anchored into the wall. In modern homes there are no double wythe walls anymore and therefore typically cannot be anchored into unless certain precautions are taken. The owners were very happy with the finished product and will enjoy this deck for years to come. Enjoy the before and after below!

For more photos of our jobs, check us out on Instagram @dsrbuildersllc or on Facebook!

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